100% gay mermaids

Date: 7/11/2019

By ItsABlackCat

I just remembered a dream I had a while ago. I don’t know why it just now came to me but I can remember it very clearly now. I was staying at this place which was situated right by this cove area. Like there were a ton of rocks and like tall cliffs nearby which formed a weird, curling, lake/pond area. There were a lot of underwater caves as well. It was also very tropical, lots of colorful coral and fish. Anyways I was staying as an assistant researcher to this marine biology group who had decided to study the life down there. Idk why since I wasn’t even that old at the time, I think I was just really good at handling sea creatures (like even sharks would approach me and I’d talk and play with them like puppies) and so I was there. There was this outdoor area which was just basically a thin iron grating type floor, like a metal floor with tons of holes, which was right on the water, like literally walking on the platform would make your socks super wet bc you were basically walking on top of the water with the metal grating a centimeter below. Anyways on top there were like four beds. And I remember since I was a kid I couldn’t attend any important meetings, I just helped with the action bits when they needed an animal to be checked out, so I was kicked outside and told to go to sleep. When I was laying there (wearing nothing but a bra and underwear mind you) when I heard a splash. I looked down and saw the end of a very long, very purple tail. My first thought was surprisingly calm: I was like ‘well that could’ve been a Mermaid... sure looked like one’ and no sooner had I thought those words then I see the tail again, this time accompanied by a flash of some tan skin and very long black hair. Naturally, since I loved sea creatures and was good with them in the dream, I jumped into the water. But I ended up getting stuck on some rocks at the bottom. I’m about to drown when the mermaid comes and helps me. So then I’m sitting on the edge of this grating, almost naked, totally soaked and staring at a mermaid who’s 1) literally right there. Like, in the water in front of the grating, her face almost up to mine and 2) was PRETTY AS FUCK LIKE I WAS LIKE, HOLY HELL SHE IS BEAUTIFUL AND ALSO SHE IS NUDE SHE ISNT WEARING A SEASHELL BRA AREN’T THEY SUPPOSED TO WEAR SEASHELLS OH FUUUUCK And while my brain is flipping out, I’m kind of just sitting there silently shocked. The mermaid is smiling shyly at me and I find myself thanking her for saving me (in a cool voice, which would be impossible irl if I was freaking out like that) and she says like ‘oh don’t thank me, I just did what anyone would’ve done.’ She starts to swim off but I grab her hand. It’s kind of awkward but I am not about to let her leave when I could possibly have an extreme lesbian mermaid-human love story. So I ask for her name. It’s something like ‘Maria,’ a pretty name. I tell her that her name is pretty and then I give her my name. We end up talking until the sun starts to rise, then she’s like ‘well listen I really have to get back to the others or they’ll worry, but i did enjoy talking to you’ and I was like ‘can I see you again?’ and she blushed and said ‘I’ll try to meet up with you here again, okay?’ And that was that. So then like once a week, on meeting day, I’d sit out and wait for Maria the mermaid and we’d talk. And then like on the third week a guy came out to tell me the meeting was done early so I could come inside and he ended up seeing her. I was like ‘wait no it’s not what you think I swear’ and he was like ‘this could be a huge scientific discovery! Mermaids! I mean, imagine! And you can talk to them, right? You can lead us straight to them!’ After that I was taken inside and questioned about mermaids. I didn’t give any information to them, mostly because I didn’t know about the ‘species’ in general, just about one particular mermaid. Then they forced me to sit out like normal the next week while they waited inside with nets. After a bit she came and when she was approaching me I was shaking my head like crazy, whispering ‘no!!!!’ and stuff. She seemed to realize what was happening a second too late, when she was captured inside of a net. I was so upset I was crying. Later, when she was in a tank, I snuck into the room she was being held in. I had like a ginormous bottle of water with me. I pulled her out of the tank and carried her in my arms back out to the place with the metal grating and the beds. I squirted her with water as I went so she didn’t dry out. Then i put her in the water and said something like ‘get out of here before they find out what I’ve done’ and she replied with ‘won’t you get in trouble?’ I said ‘yes but you’re free, that’s all that matters’ and it was super dramatic and sad. Then she bit her lip and said ‘come with me’ and dragged me into the water. Then she kissed me. Or at least that’s what I thought. But she was really just giving me breath, so I could breathe underwater. Then she pulled me after her through the small underwater caves and tropical coral forests. It was so pretty without all the nets I usually had when I was working with the marine biology place. Anyways we came out at like this open ocean area, it was shallow and still had the coral and everything but it was open. A little deeper down was this long rock formation which looked like someone had made a cave above the ground. She pulled me into it and I saw a bunch of glowing algae and plants and stuff which helped to light up the room. Inside were dozens of mer folk. It was wide, about the size of a football field inside but longer, since it was a giant tunnel/cave. I remember her arguing with a merman with a blue tail, saying ‘we have to put her through!’ And ‘she saved me, it’s the only way, they’ll punish her!’ After a bit of arguing the merman gave in. I just kinda floated there, marveling at the fact that I was breathing and at the beautiful luminescent creatures on the walls, and especially at the merfolk around me who were staring at me the same way I was staring at them: in awe. Anyways then Maria grabbed my hand and said ‘trust me,’ and I said ‘I do, and I always will,’ and then she pulled me after her down the cave. It grew darker as we went deeper into this underwater cave. At the end there was this giant, glowing portal, which was changing from pink to purple to blue to green to pink etc, always changing and pulsating. It was giving off magical sparkles and I remember thinking ‘well idk what this is but I kinda wanna go through.’ Then Maria told me to go through so I was like ‘hell yeah’ and swam through it. I felt this weird feeling by my feet and legs and head and when I came out of the other side I found that swimming was like 100 times faster. Also I could see way better. However coming out I realized I just came out the same place I came in: I emerged to see Maria in the same place she’d been when I went in, I was in the same cave only it was brighter and seeing was easier. She gasped and then started laughing and gave me a hug. I was like ‘what? I don’t think it worked...’ and she was like ‘of course it did! Come on’ and dragged me super fast to the room with the other merfolk. Then they all gasped and started staring at my feet. I looked down and gasped as well: I had a mermaid tail. I was like holy shit. Then I was like... maybe it’s not as good as the other merfolk’s tails, since it was a different color. Everyone else’s tails were purple, pink, blue, or green, and the gills on their tails were the same color: my tail was the color of a pearl, with light pink gills. It was whitish, very shiny and when I turned my tail the very slightest it shimmered with a thousand colors. It was very pretty but I felt weird since it was so different from everyone else’s. I looked around and noticed my hair had changed too. It was normally blonde and decently long, down to my waist and slightly curly at the ends. But when I looked at it I noticed it had changed to a very shiny color, almost silver and almost gold, and the tips were the same color as my tail. It was also very smooth and looked exactly like Maria’s floaty, magical hair. Then Maria looked at the blue tailed merman and said ‘I told you!’ And swam over to me, smiling. I was like ‘wha-‘ and then she kissed me and then I didn’t really care anymore about what she meant. It was a real kiss this time, since I didn’t need help breathing underwater anymore. When she broke away at last she said, ‘That’s a tail of great importance! It means that you were destined to be a mermaid!’ And I was like ‘wait really?’ At the end of the dream, I was taken down a different path in the caves and given a bedroom. I think I also adopted a pet shark. Anyways, it ended very ‘happily ever after’ like. It was very dramatic and unlike my usual dreams.