Lost, Late, and Saved

Date: 2/9/2017

By guido38

My dream started off with me driving on the highway . I was on my way to work and I kept getting lost because there were a lot of detours and construction . I was running late so I looked up an alternate route on my gps but for some reason it jus took me in circles . It was almost like I was in the Bermuda Triangle or something . So I ended up just going further since it was the same every time . And I drove a few miles and exited . Then instead of ending up at my job I ended up at my moms house . Only it wasn't her real house it was a different house in an entirely different part of town . I remember saying hi then spending the night and sleeping on one of those fold out couches . Then I remember waking up and leaving and finally finding the correct I was suppose to exit to get to work . So I got to work and it wasn't even my current job . It was a bar and grill . I guess one of my buddies was the manager because when I got there he was angry with me for some reason . And I remember for whatever reason in the office he didn't have a computer chair on wheels he had a rocking chair . And I remember him rocking then pulling on the back and making it fall backwards . Then I left that part of the restaurant . And for some reason we had a play room but it was realistic . I.e. There was a pit full of toys for kids but there was a bridge to help you over with broken planks of wood and the rope was worn and giving way . So I had to help my friends kid across . But it was my exes dad telling me to help him . So her kid jumped on my back and I got him to the other side . And I want to say maybe like one other thing happened Before I woke up but the rest of it was outside and in between the snooze button .