Van, Piranhas & Numbers

Date: 6/6/2017

By diesellady80

I was at a party of some of my husbands relatives. One lady who owned the house gave me a couple of books for my son Vincent. I almost forgot the sleepy-time one. I had to go so I got into this large white passenger van that belonged to my parents. My sister had borrowed it for work & it smelled like food & smoke. I started driving - it was dark but the city lights were. Right. I was wearing my seatbelt, but I think I ran a stop sign. Then I noticed I was being pulled over. I stopped & a 10 year old kid ran up to the window from the cop car. He said 'oh you're not my brother!' 'Sorry I thought you were someone else.' I looked back & noticed the cop car had been hijacked by three children. I got out my phone to start taking a video of this. As I was recording me & the van started sliding down a ditch into some water. The water was deeper than I thought and the van sunk to the windows. I was thinking I could try to pull it out a piece at a time but instead I swam out the window. The water was dark. I was able to get out, but when I looked back it was actually a room with windows and the bottom was full of deep water. When I looked down to the bottom there were two gigantic huge fish at the bottom. I threw something to the surface of the water & one of the fish came up & I saw that it was a humongous piranha. I realized they could have eaten me! I walked down what was now a hallway of an institution. I was aware of the fact that this place was producing humans to work as robots in the workforce. My job was to stock grocery shelves. But I was 'aware' and most of the robots weren't. If you were caught being aware they would 'fix' you. So it was something that had to be secret. If another worker came up to me to talk I had to respond by saying 'don't talk to me' etc. 'I'm working'... the only way other aware people could reveal is if they gave a series of numbers/letters but they had to say it in code. Like 'I ate the bread' would indicate an 8. (Ate=8). A girl came up & started talking...All I can remember is XL and 100 or square root of 100. Then once she finally got it all I could relax & told her I wasn't sure she would ever get it all right. Later there was a vague battle & she turned out to be an enemy.