4 aug

Date: 8/4/2017

By miskay9

I was playing mine craft and I was actually it that world. There was a beautiful land I was continuing to build, only it started turning into hellish like version but still cool. I was arguing with someone about the lights, whether they should be white/red or black/red/pink. When I go through the big iron doors and see a while pearl cream crystal room that has a platform with stairs going into the shallow pool. People were willingly being on their back or front in the water, like they were being coded in it. So I was next I first was on my back then on my front face down in the water making sure I was completely submerged. I get out and then magically I'm dry. I fallow the group. We pass others that are in white. button down shirts and black or white pants. As I fallow the others some how all of a sudden We're all at a train station leaving to go somewhere that no one knows but we know we should. I look in the bag I have for my phone and I can't find it as I am doing this about ten people get on the train. The guy that I consider a friend asks me if everything is ok and I tell him I can't find my phone. As the next train starts to approach he asks me if I want him to stay with me til I find my phone. I tell him no it's ok. He starts to board with a handful of others. When he's on the train he turns to look at me with a worried and concerned face. I yell to him don't worry we'll see each other on the other side. That train departs and I'm see about four others waiting for the train. I think about why I don't have my phone?, why am I getting on this train?, where does it go?, why did I see others in white live here/not leaving?, these where just some of the questions that where flying around in my had. I can hear the next train approaching the station, so I make up my mind to not leave. I start to walk to the exit of the train station when the conductor asks me where I'm going or why I'm not getting on the train ( I can't remember which ). I tell him it seems I wasn't meant to get on the train and leave, or fate does not wish for me to go in that direction/path. And I walk out of the train station in my black high wedges. Cut scene I'm a boy I'm in a school lunch room (small) with the people I saw before in white shirts. I'm also wearing the same thing they are. I'm eating up high on a ledge, not socializing with anyone. The teachers at the teacher table want me to make friends and socialize. So some boy some how has my sunglasses/shades, I leap down and tell him to give them back he says make me. So I flip him over never punching him just moving or throwing him around. I take my shades back and walk then climb up to my ledge to resume eating.