Shawn Mendes talked to me

Date: 5/18/2019

By levinelover

I was talking with a couple people and I saw Shawn mendes was talking to someone about Indian food. I walked to them and was nodding to agree. I was ready to talk about naan and ask what the spicy sauce that came with it was. Shawn included me making eye contact and asked about my favourite black and brown guy. I didn’t hear him properly so I asked him to repeat himself and he did. I was surprised by the question but I said Usher and Raymond from degrassi. He thought oh wow you just want me to introduce you to someone from Canada and degrassi. I said noo I’ve thought he was gorgeous for years wait here let me find you a picture I can’t remember his last name. While I was googling him oh my phone I remembered his last name was Ablack and screamed it out as I showed Shawn the guy. I looked up and him and he said he hung out with Raymond a couple days ago ans showed me a Snapchat memory of the two of them! I tried to act chill but in love so he’d set us up. Shawn kept talking to me but I asked him to repeat himself like 3 different times, I just couldn’t hear him for some reason. We were all eating butter chicken with naan and Shawn said his tastes choclatly. Everyone told him he was tripping and we were eating butter chicken, although when I looked at his food it looked different than everyone else’s it looked like a pancake and it had coco sprinkled on it! I agreed with Shawn and told everybody no his food different than ours, I can see the coco it actually should taste chocolatey. Tanvi and Rahul were driving me around in the backseat and being like parents to me so I asked if they wanted to come over and take her clothes back cause the more plutonic they are the more I wanna have a threesome. They weren’t sure they wanted to come over cause they didn’t really know what they were gonna do once they were there. I was eyeing tanvi seeing if she was thinking what I was thinking, but I couldn’t tell. Then I was at an event and Taylor Swift was running up the stairs on her way to the stage and everyone thought she was Avril Lavigne cause they looked the same. Taylor Swift said to pay close attention. “I’m not Avril lavigne see us side by side there’s a video pay close attention to it” there’s a video of Avril and Taylor standing side by side at a red carpet event and one of them was bawling crying. They very clearly looked like different people.