Inappropriateness, Prowlers

Date: 8/14/2017

By seascarlet

1: I was in a dark room lying on the ground with a bunch of people watching a film of some sort. A girl next to me was getting her head scratched by a guy and started getting off on it. She apologized to me before having an orgasm, I guess because I was laying next to her, against her. Then she got off loudly with a lot of writhing. During it I kept going back and forth between being uncomfortable and grossed out and turned on. 2: I was working with a teenage boy at his school, trying to help him with some problems. He was attractive and had a lot of girls interested in him. The school counselor decided our relationship was inappropriate because I had spent some time with his family outside of work and she thought I might be interested or involved with him romanticly. She kicked me off of his case which she was able to do somehow because I worked at the school. I was really upset and didn't understand why she would think I'd be involved with a minor and a client. After watching her I realized she was very protective over him in general, and accused other women working with him of being inappropriate. She started even trying to get female students in trouble for flirting with him and it was then that I realized she herself had a crush on him. I disliked her a lot more at that point and wanted to find a way to expose her for being the way she had accused me and others of being. 3: Some people were trying to break into my parents' house through my bedroom window. I was outside and couldn't see them, but could see their truck parked in the road, a white pickup, and could see ice falling down the roof and shattering from where they were breaking it away from my window. I looked everywhere for my dad and was finally able to get his attention, but then he nonchalantly asked me to deal with it and go confront them. I was like, seriously?