Lost and Trapped

Date: 7/1/2017

By essentialnavy

I was supposed to go to a mall with my mom by motorcycle. The system works like über. so I have to set up the destination. Turns out once I arrived at the destination, it's not the mall. Somewhere near the house complex. I then got lost because I don't know how to go to that mall. So does mom. I asked the nearest person about how to go to that mall. In my imagination it's actually so near but when I follow the direction that that man gave me, I soon got lost more. It's night time. I'm near the mall. go straight and I'm there. but this punk ass ghetto street is dangerous. They light fires to warm themselves. I saw alot of lights. With them smashing things up and laughed about it. People keep teasing me like I'm bullied. I was stuck. Unable to get out from that ghetto even though it's straight ahead. Those punks keeps threatening me with stuff. I forgot what it was but I'm threaten. I then try to hide myself from that ghetto. I kept hiding in a small area until the sun finally rise. I then escape.