Zombies and Glenn Howerton

Date: 1/27/2017

By DeadDollKitty

Myself and around 15 people were quarantined in this wood cabin house and surrounding fields. I believe my grandparents and parents were there, including Evan and Glenn Howerton. We were quarantined because of the zombies in the area and waiting to evacuate, or see who had been bitten. James Cromwell (actor from Babe) and his old wife started as people, but broke through the locked doors of the sunroom and tried to come at me. I shot then with a black gun once, missed, and the gun got super sticky and wouldn't work. Someone managed to get rid of them. I was becoming increasingly sad that Glenn wasn't paying attention to me, or that he even liked me and was somehow able to contact the outside world through his phone when no other electronics would. I think I tried calling someone off his phone but it wouldn't go through. Later on, he shows interest in me and Evan sets up some weird sex room where people can't see us on the cameras. I'm laying on a couch and Evan is in a chair next to me saying I need to be careful of Glenn's needs and to do what he wants, and also I need to warm up my own cooch bc he's going right in. I thought that was super weird. Glenn comes out naked, but his dick is about fifteen feet long and wrapped around his body and held there with twine, and for some reason he's all sweaty. I woke up after this. It reminded me of some satantic ritual or something, very strange.