Meeting Lin-Manuel Miranda

Date: 7/14/2017

By BaileyBurrSir

I have the slightest (okay– biggest) obsession with Lin-Manuel it's almost sad. I had a dream where I was in a meet and greet to meet him. He explained that behind him was a table full of bags that held certain things of Hamilton merchandise. Once you meet him, you could grab one of the bags and be on your way. But there was another option. Lin was handing out suckers. If you chose the sucker, you had a chance to go see Hamilton. It was a chance 1/25000. The way you'd know if you one was if you unwrapped it and there was the Hamilton logo on the wrapper. Of course, me being me, I chose the sucker. I opened up the sucker in front of Lin, and I didn't get it. Sad, I know. (Sorry if I'm not using this the right way. first time with this app.)