Amusement park killer

Date: 3/30/2019

By jennnnnaaaa

The start of this dream takes place outside of a building to get there you have to go through a huge flower garden, at first the place was like an amusement park then it was more like an inside laser tag place. I went to this place with my family but for some reason we got separated and I was talking to people I never meet before and they knew me by name. Soon I find my mom but she’s in a completely different outfit than what she was wearing. Me and my mom try to find my sister and niece, but we couldn’t. Now I’m in a store looking at what I thought was a shirt then I hear my sister say it was a chair, then I lose them again. Soon I end up in a game room where everyone is fighting but I was so confused and scared I sat in the corner and closed my eyes. After that I find my friends. We walk past a 15 and we start dancing to the music but the floor isn’t solid so i keep falling.The whole time I’m with them I keep saying that I need to find my mom. For some reason we all ran into this lower level of the building and everyone was dead. We saw the killer but there was no face. My friend knew who he was. He tried to get us but I pretended to play dead. After that I broke one of the basement windows and ran out to another part of the building. This part was a church it had a daycare in it. When I got in the church I told them the killer was back. Then my cousin came out with a baby and said that she was gonna go get him. I tried to stop her and call 911 but I couldn’t. Some how the killer found me. I was running to the nearest building then I woke up