Sex room??

Date: 8/26/2017

By chilipeppa

Dreamt that I was with someone from school and we stopped into this shop on the side of the road, it was rainy out and just really dark and it stayed that way for the entire dream, and my friend was like "wanna see something?" And I was like yeah sure. So she took me through this discreet door in this shop and suddenly we feel farther down in the ground, like lower. I look around and it's just a rectangular room of stalls. With benches and closets in the center i think. I'm like "so what it's a bathroom" and she's like "no... look closer" and i walk around and here all these grunts and noises and multiple feet under each stall and realize it's a fucking underground sex chamber or some shit. They were literally just enlarged bathroom stalls with a bunch of seating lining them. It was weird next thing i remember i was in one of the stalls, peering out of it, listening to some meeting going on. There were dirty looking children everywhere and they looked really sad. It was a fucking sex trafficking room. Some person was talking to these kids and instructing them on something. The next thing I can remember is being in one of the extra large stalls, which instead of space inside was just a stall surrounded a pretty decent sized jacuzzi. There were only 2 like this on the west wall of the room. I was in it with this kid Nick P (who i literally have never paid any mind to before but I guess since my friend started dating him he showed up in my dream) and I was making out with him and the water was like GLOWING it was really freaky. Anyway he was a really really bad kisser and i was annoyed the whole time. That's everything I can recall hahah