A Lost Battle

Date: 7/2/2016

By notTherese

I was in a battle fighting Fire Emblem style. I got cornered by a strong fighter but managed to overpower her. I broke her neck to give her a painless death and walked away but she got back up. Luckily Ryker (as Ryoma) took over while I met the rest of our forces on the next floor. The next battle had 15 enemy forces and we had 7. I thought it would be an easy battle, just slaughter the weak ones but they each had their own strengths that made them almost impossible to beat. One tall, dark woman wouldn't die unless you stabbed her in a very specific area. One created a gravity well that didn't allow normal attacks to penetrate his defenses. I managed to kill him by attacking him from above, using his gravity against him. We ended up losing the battle, so we all took a break and ate together. I took a shower in the middle of the room to hopefully distract anyone I'll be fighting against tomorrow. I think it worked. Ryker came back from fighting the boss the floor below and we started planning our strategy for tomorrow.