Chris Pratt and Yellow Bridges

Date: 8/17/2017

By emmaoftheleighs

First I was driving with my siblings along this bridge. The bridge was level with the ocean for some reason and it was bright yellow. I took a wrong turn off of the bridge and somehow my siblings and I ended up stranded on a yellow piece of metal in the ocean just off from the bridge. I was trying not to get my clothes or my phone wet but we had to swim back to safety. We started swimming towards some people who were also in the water but they were able to stand. I got my phone wet but it still ended up working. Later on, I was helping my friend with a driving course in his big red jeep. Except my friend was actually Chris Pratt. He was driving me home and he dropped me off at a stop street down the hill from my house and drove off. My friend Jada came jogging down the hill with her dog and we had made plans to hang out. I told her that I would pick her up in five minutes and started walking home. When I crossed the street, there was a police car coming and it almost hit me it I moved out of the way. I got home and told my parents that I was going out. I went outside and a police man had put these signs in our driveway and started taping it off with police tape so we couldn't go anywhere. On the police tape it said something about a UFO sighting taking place. The policeman just stood on our porch next to the tape and stared at the sky. I went inside to tell my dad about it and he was about to go and deal with it when I woke up.