Date: 7/28/2017

By maliuhh

i had a dream that i was in some cafe with my mom, i walked in and bts was eating there! my mom bought me cotton candy and said she had to go do something for my brother, she left all of her stuff. after she didn't come back for a while, i decided to go somewhere else, i tried to pick everything up and leave, by there was so much i kept dropping things, i was embarrassed bc i knew jungkook and jimin were watching me. (i think it was jimin, ik they had pink hair) and took a break on the floor for a while then tried to get back up and get all the things, i turned around and saw jimin helping me!!!! he helped me stand up and i got so excited. i ask if i could hug him and he let me, then gave me my things and i had to leave, i wandered around outside for a while but then decided to go back to the cafe and see if they were still there, they had left, so i sat down alone and waited until my mom came :)