Knights and beers

Date: 4/13/2017

By tikky

I was walking down this road, holding a paper bag with a beer and something else. Night. Almost pitch black. There was a guy sitting by the side, whom i asked if he wants a beer. But he said no thx, i have my 'cant remember' When i continued down the road, a huge fucking horse came running straight at me like rly rly fast. I dodged it to the right, and the guy said ive never seen something like this before. Then i started to remember, this horse had some blue cloth markings, like a banner. Why was that familiar? As i looked further down the road i saw two guys crawling in what appeared to be medieval armor. I was like, i was here before wtf is going on. And i achieved lucidity in the midde of a dream. I knew i saw that exact scene before, the guy that doesnt want a beer, the horse. Maybe its from a movie, or a deja vu. Anyway i freaked out and woke up in sweat, and got out of bed instantly. Then went on a balcony to get some sun. Charged me up like superman. Felt good.