three dreams but the same family

Date: 2/19/2017

By Lekc

Me and my little brother were in trouble so my mom sent both of us to my room for a whole week. It was very surreal my room looked exactly like it does in real laife but it was more bright. We were trying to find a way to sneak out. One of the ways was to sneak out of my window but we wouldn't be able to reach the ground. The dream kind of changed and I was at the mall with my brother and great grandma. We went into a lot of stores. I was looking for shorts for my VPA trip. I went to go try something on and I saw my mom and her bf getting changed. I started yelling at them and they ran. It changed again and now I'm in a Submarine with some dude who is like my instructor. I am a kid who's parents don't care what I do. We have submarine classes everyday and other kids come. We decide to go travel a deeper part. We all write notes to our parents and tell them. Something sad happens and my instructur has to go by himself but I go with him. My parents care for some reason and write me a note to come back but I dont.