Dream about my crush 💜

Date: 7/1/2019

By DeathOfABachelor

I was in school and while we were watching a movie in gym class my crush started talking talking to each other when she had whispered to me and confessed that she liked me. It was the most friggin adorable confession too because she kept jumbling over words and told me she had felt this way for me and had no idea how to tell me, after that gym ended so we couldn’t say anymore and left for our next class but I kept glancing at her from afar. Later at lunch period me and my friend were sitting together and arguing about what good music is or something and she caught eyes with me from across the room. I was blushing so hard and looked like a cup of Hawaiian Punch and I could see her smirking a giggling from across the room. Once it was me and hers tables turn to get up from the lunch table and go get our lunch as soon as I saw her I started tripping over myself and basically forgot how to walk and she noticed and thought it was thing funniest thing ever. In he lunch line she even held hands with me for like 2 seconds before she got her lunch. But since all good things come to an end I woke up and now I kinda wish I didn’t have the dream because it felt so real it almost hurts.