Shady Cops and Security Guards, Torture, and the Diner of the Resistance.

Date: 2/16/2017

By Fitful

Long Dream. I have to go out of my way to get to this little diner in the middle of no where. I drive for hours, as many as 6, to get from the city to get there. The purpose is to make a phone call. I get to the diner. I sit down and pull all my notes out. There are so many many notes. Lots of planning has gone into this final phone call. I have done research after research and im in need for something to be fixed in a permanent database, like a government one. I finally make the phone call, I'm ready. I had called before and been denied several times. But this time I'm flush with money in my bank, and I have no excuse to not do this. It will help secure my future. So I call and I reach a woman and I tell her I want to adjust something they wrote down in their permanent record. To do this adjustment I have to pay some money, which I'm prepared to do with my credit card. I'm so happy I was about to get this done. But suddenly I can't find in my notes what the form was that linked to my account. It was a form, long with numbers and letters in it, and an account number. It's upsetting. I just can't find it. I finally have to hang up with them, I'm severely disappointed. So I find it right after I hang up with them, and unfortunately I can't call back. That was my last chance and they won't answer me again. I leave and contact a police person at a station and a security guard directs me to some policeman who can do it shady (maybe) for me. We meet in the diner, a cop, a security guard and some normal guy. They basically do a sting operation in front of me, the normal guy says the right thing to convict himself and they haul away the guy in handcuffs. I'm upset because I just wanted some help and they basically say that it was a warning, because I'm young and pretty. I could do what he did but then they'd have to take me away. I get mad, I tell the security guard and the cop I am done with both of them. I am just done. I will be properly respectful and obey the law but that was the final straw. I am done with them. This is recorded by the other people in the diner who put it on YouTube where it goes viral instantly, and then goes viral on the news. Instantly. Suddenly I have a lot of young people, I guess they are my age but I am really shy and not outgoing and they weird me out, these girls and a few guys begin a protest against the police station and their shady ways. Apparently there are a lot of bad cops out there, shady cops, and finally the people are tired of being oppressed. My little rant, very tiny, suddenly becomes a movement and they begin dancing all night in protest right there in the diner and refuse to leave. We hole up there for days and nights. Eventually I do dance but I'm really not the dancing type. It's nice to be included however. To have friendly people who support me. Cops monitor it but can't legally interfere. Apparently the law does sanction a protest such as this. I don't really want to be here, I don't want to put myself out there. It was a moment of anger that began this, anger which I never indulge, just a moment. I don't think it warrants all this fuss. Finally my past comes back to haunt me. A shady cop, a real one, now knows where I am and shows up late one night. He kills four girls and I find out about it. I remember crying in the lap of a girl about how I never wanted this to happen, I was just lonely. Finally I get caught by the shady cop too. He pulls me out a window and begins to torture me. And it becomes apparent this isn't the first time, I suddenly remember all the times before. And when I say torture, I mean real torture. He slices me with knives and cuts into my skin and organs for hours. It is real torture. I don't even know if he rapes me. I think it's a worse scene than that. Finally four cops join our protest, like really join it. They are off the grid cops, they are actually doing illegal stuff themselves, collecting pensions from dead cops to fund their growing resistance. After that cop tortures me I am back but they need a better place to hide me. I go home with one of the four cops who joined us, the leader of their little resistance. He is an extremely old fashioned man. Kinda like the kind my grandmother would watch on TV in those old movies. That personality type, stoic and a chauvinist, who refuses to indulge in emotional displays. But he has a house, it's fully stocked for a siege if need be, and it's safe for me there. One of his friends, a more modern young fellow, comes along. The leader begins cleaning and we clean a lot. At first we clean his way. Then his friend scolds him for not making me feel welcome. That I was "the key to the resistance and a lady and this house was laid out like a warehouse." He finally lets me take over the cleaning and I'm really happy to do it, I have been itching to do it my way. We the began with the ceilings. All the ceilings were black with ashes and I use a sponge on a pole to clean them while precariously balancing on the rail. He gets upset and stops me, afraid I will get hurt. Later the young one explains the leader is divorced and his tells me about his wife. She is so wicked when his three kids come to visit at first I refuse to let them in the house, thinking they are just like her. I make them stay in the driveway like muddy dogs until their big eyes get at me. Finally I do let them in to watch a movie and they are the sweetest kids ever. Later we all devise a way to win this resistance. All the shady cops, which is now the majority of the cops as they have let power go to their head and act like a permanent militia, need to be stopped right now. We think of ways to stop a lot of people at once. A few bad ideas crop up then the idea of bombing the diner, not a deadly bomb a paralysis bomb to round them up, comes up. But we would have to get all them at the same time. So we decide to hypnotize them all into the diner with purple silver holographic pyramid hypnotising Pinback buttons. Everyone in the country who supported us would begin wearing them and the hypnosis would only effect cops all the cops would go to that diner. It had a lot of possibilities. Later still I'm trying to clean the floor in the basement. There is a little alive gold sentient bead which rolls around my dirt floor. I have had it all my life. Finally it gets lost in the dirt and I dig but I can't find it.