the baby

Date: 2/17/2017

By ciaraqueen69

me and this man had a baby together, he had mental problems happening.. like he was slowly go insane and he would be depressed...I come home from the park with the baby and I walk into the room and there he was...hanging by the ceiling fan..his child grew up hating himself thinking it was his fault.. kids at school told him it was his fault.. he and I would always tell each other everything, like a bond so strong... he and I would be there no matter what. I held him almost every night crying. as I'm cleaning the office of the man i once knew.. I found a note he made out to his son... telling him how much he loved him and will miss him and how what he does isn't his fault.. I give him the note telling him how I found it... the boy was ok later on after that. he grew up into a man, he was a mamas boy. found a beautiful girl and gave me grandkids and ugh I was happy and sad so many time in this dream.