Senior Week Switch Up

Date: 7/1/2017

By lightsleeper

2 different dreams: 1. I got invited to 3 senior weeks and chose to go to 2 (the popular group of the Vickys and hot guys and the one of the nerdy less popular group) not the semi popular Jewish judgmental group. 2. I was at senior week with the less popular group I told you about but Katia and them somewhat ostracized me when they thought I was flirting with Isaac. We had been talking alone cause everyone else was drunk and we didn't want to drink. He said not to worry about it. I didn't. We were at the beach and the semi popular group was near us. The guys saw me from afar and thought I was hot, talking about me before one of the girls pointed out that it was me. They invited me over. We took pics and had fun. They really liked me. The girls were jealous of my body but liked the attention they got from the guys when they were near me. They invited me to stay at their place the rest of the time, very enthusiastically. So I did. They regretted not befriending me earlier.