Date: 1/28/2019

By stev54356

I started off like on top of a mountain in a huge building playing soccer on a field shaped like a L it was 4 people playing 2 goalies and me and some Hispanic girl that could be Emilie but I have no idea and during the match we got real flirty and I don’t totally remember what happens next but something happened to the building by someone or by water. After that I remember having a trident being in the water moving quick as can be and the sea life felt like in my control and said girl was underwater with me hugging me all tight while I go to some base underwater. After that I remember being at a pool with people around then out of the water a monster appeared and I’ve seen it before it was like a huge octopus but looked like lady Gaga so I was on the diving board fighting her and then after I woke up