Beach Arden Fair with larping

Date: 7/14/2017

By pheeniealexandra

I don't remember storylines really but we were at the beach but the arden fair was there and there was a giant plastic sandcastle thing oh and so many kids were larping and I just kinda joined by running into a giant inflatable platypus costume. And then everyone went down the bouncy water slide. And Mariel, my younger brother (?), evan, Michael Slemko, alex and scout were all there and this bridge was over a pond in really pretty lighting and I wanted a pic so I borrowed scouts phone but the then I couldn't find the bridge in the screen and it ended up they had wheeled it away. So then we were all hanging out and my dad was saying the fair got trashier this year but I hadn't noticed. And then we all were headed home and then to sleep at Michael's beach house. Then I woke up I think