Cez Presents: The Scavenger Hunt

Date: 2/24/2019

By Yurilolita

Another odd dream again. The dreams landscape was weird and I was traveling different places. I could remember the plot Better when I woke up but I was apart of some video game at first, or scavenger hunt. My job was to complete mini quests, one of the quests I could remember even had me racing against a shark in a swimming competition. (Or a guy who could turn into a shark?) I traveled the world: to the Grand Canyon, Brazil, Hawaii, Colorado. But I got sidetracked from my main mission, and wandered into a field with a stream of sorts. The clearing was full of swans and small tuffs of grass, and a large steel, triangle structure that stood like two playing cards standing upright against the fog. And in between the structure, my partner was sitting with their mom at a park table. But their form kept on changing, unlike their mother's. They told me I had homework to do and I wasn't going anywhere until I looked at my textbook so we sat down and worked on serval problems. And then there was one problem that was based on some famous person's emotions, and I explained that I couldn't answer it because I don't understand emotions or empathy too well because I'm autistic. And then their mom perked up and started talking about how she knew "someone's kid who was autistic" and how "what a struggle it is" and started asking really intrusive questions about my lifestyle. So I got frustrated and decided to skip it for now and turned the page. And then the next question that was asked was "Where is the Rio de Janeiro?" And I stopped and said, "look. I was just there. I know where that is. " And I skipped ahead and looked at the rest of the questions "How fast can a shark travel?" "How deep is the Grand Canyon?" These were all places and things I did on the scavenger hunt. And I kept flipping ahead until I saw a black and white picture of the triangle structure. "Babe, you have to believe me, I've been to all of these places, I'm starting to think that it's connected to everything-" And my partner stared blankly, And when I blinked I was somewhere else. I kept walking until I was back at the triangle structure again in the park. And my partner greeted me again with the same greeting and asked if I wanted to sit down and work on "some textbook problems" which I did. Until very frustratedly I fumed, "IVE ALREADY DONE THIS" And slammed the pencil so hard down I gave myself splinters. They told me, very calmly, of course, to calm down and look at the problems in a different perspective, or maybe it was best to take a break for a little while and I yelled "NO YOU DONT UNDERSTAND I ALREADY DID ALL OF THIS, YOU'VE ALREADY TOLD ME ALL OF THIS, GGRGAGH" And then I blinked and I was in a different place. As I walked closer to a group with a pastel banner promoting the 39th anniversary of their SEGA game, and that they'd be willing to give away $15 grand to whoever completed all of the quests aligned to their pixelated hero's journey. The man promoting the event pointed at me and said "You there! Are you willing enough to put on the band?" And held out a coral colored arm band to me as the small mass went quiet. And I stared at the arm band and the man, as the crowd itched for my response and said, "I've been here before," And I woke up.