Gigantic tsunami

Date: 6/24/2019

By Deafbr

I was on the boat, there was thousands of people on the beach. So I saw the tide got so low, it was like 10-15 feet lower than normal and it was insane low. But this, I was immediately know it was huge tsunami so I tried get boat to move toward land fast as I can. Even water is so low, eventually there was like 30-40 foot of water wall. It was insane high, so this moment is most horror that I ever experienced. I had to drive my boat through all those people that all those people tried to save their own life. It was totally disaster, then people begins to jump on my boat trying to save themselves but one of man almost got on, the weight of man push my boat slight left. Then boat was roll and I was roll insane fast as I couldn’t tell which is any direction because it was insane too fast. Then I woke up on the destroyed beach and several people stand up. One of man and I run to pile of sands then we dig one of pile. Hoping to save some people but I got green toy shovel. Then orange bucket with yellow strip toy, then there was leg so I pull it up and it was a dead boy. I woke up, I was totally terrified and I’m fear that this event might happen.