False Awakening or Out of Body?

Date: 1/19/2017

By hbru

This dream actually happened a couple months ago but I can't stop thinking about it. I was in Halston's bed. I woke up. The sun was going down and the apartment was getting darker. I reached for the lamp on his dresser & tried to turn it on. It wouldn't turn on. I woke up again in the bed. (This happened about 3x) each time the lamp wouldn't turn on. The final time, after the lamp wouldn't turn on...I got out of bed & tried to turn on the other lights. They wouldn't turn on either. I went outside to see if the lights were on in the house next door. They were on. Halston was outside and looked upset. I asked him what was wrong. He didn't answer me. He ran up the stairs and I chased after him. He was sitting on the bed crying really hard. I've never seen Halston cry before. I kept asking him what was wrong but I realized he didn't even know I was there. I hugged him and kept telling him it was okay. I looked past him and realized my body was laying in the bed. Was I dead? I told myself I had to be dreaming and woke up. I went to reach for the same lamp. This time the bulb flashed bright & blew out. I was finally awake. The lightbulb in the lamp actually burnt out.