9/11 Was Avenged

Date: 4/16/2017

By Dreaming Dust Fairy

The Muslim spent September of 2011 in a locker and a toilet. It was my first period. Bully stuck the bloody tampon in my mouth after a swirly. She didn't understand​. I'm Buddhist. I am suffering from amnesia. The white people's reaction is understandable. If I don't remember how can I be sure I'm not responsible? Did I join the Mormon religion through baptism? Yes. Was I a spy? I was trying to make my white parents proud. I didn't know I'm partially Asian and, therefore Buddhist. I was only eight years old when i was baptised. I was only fourteen when 9/11 happened. It's possible I was involved and didn't know better. I'm certain that I have no memories of committing crime. Is my memory selective? Amnesia victims don't recover their memories all at once, besides they receive them in random order. It can be confusing; understanding what happened and what was just a dream/drug trip.