Date: 5/27/2019

By midnight-libra

I had just arrived at school and was checking that I had everything. I unzipped a pocket on my bag to retrieve my pens. What I found instead was a smallish yellow and white snake curled up and sleeping quietly. Since I had no place for it, I spent the next few days carrying it around. It coiled itself around my arm and continued to doze. It came with me everywhere, and soon it had almost become a part of me. My brother and I got into heated debates, and when we did the snake would bite my hand, sending searing pain through my body before it went dormant once more. Then, when my brother and I had been exchanging fierce insults for some time, the serpent slithered down my arm and crept onto the floor. My brother, not noticing, continued roaring. I blinked, and when my eyes opened the creature was strangling my opponent.