Digital art, A group of friends huddled together in the bleachers, watching as rain cascaded down while cheerleaders gracefully performed their routine on the muddy football field, when their eyes caught sight of a familiar face among them, dressed in vibrant red and black attire with two bows adorning her hair, prompting the thought, 'She's not supposed to be there,' as the memories of the old newspaper photograph resurfaced.

Not supposed to be here

Date: 1/18/2017

By Hikertrash48

We were all sitting in bleachers waiting to watch a football game. A minute goes by and it starts to pour down the rain while the cheerleaders are doing a routine. I notice a few friends are on the field with the cheerleaders and all I could think was "They're not supposed to be there." It then changes and I'm looking at an old newspaper and see a picture of a friend on the field like the others. I remembered she was wearing red and black wit two bows in her hair and it was pouring the rain down. I was thinking " she's not supposed to be there."

AI generated interpretation In this dream, the setting is a football game, where you and others are sitting in bleachers waiting to watch. The rain starts to pour down while the cheerleaders are performing their routine. The interesting part is that you notice some of your friends on the field with the cheerleaders, and this triggers a thought in your mind: "They're not supposed to be there." Later on, you come across an old newspaper with a picture of another friend on the field, also not supposed to be there, wearing specific attire and bows in her hair, all while it continues to rain heavily. Dreams are highly subjective and can have various interpretations depending on your personal experiences and emotions. However, some potential symbolic elements can be analyzed. The football game and bleachers can represent a sense of communal or social involvement. This setting suggests that you may be observing a social situation or group activity from a passive or distant perspective. The rain in the dream often symbolizes emotions, purification, or cleansing. Its presence during the cheerleaders' routine might indicate that there is an emotional or external element that disrupts or affects the enjoyment of the situation. This rain could represent unexpected challenges or disturbances occurring in your social life or in a particular situation. The recurring thought of "they're not supposed to be there" suggests a feeling of discrepancy or incongruence. It may reflect your internal belief or perception that certain people or aspects of your life are out of place or out of sync with your expectations or social norms. These individuals may represent specific traits or behaviors that you associate with them. The newspaper is an interesting addition to the dream, as it symbolizes history or past events. Seeing a picture of another friend on the field, who is also not supposed to be there, can suggest that you are feeling nostalgic or reflecting on a past situation where someone or something deviated from your expectations. The specific details of the friend's attire and the rain may hold personal significance for you. Overall, this dream seems to highlight a discrepancy between expectations and reality, as well as a sense of observing others who are not conforming to your perceived norms or rules. It could hint at feelings of discomfort, confusion, or even judgment regarding certain aspects of your social life or personal relationships. Reflecting on your personal experiences and emotions associated with the dream may help uncover deeper insights into its meaning for you.