Zombie Apocalypse, Marching Band, and a Water Park

Date: 7/1/2017

By toxxicduck

This is the third dream I had in one night, and it is really shocking how much happened in it. I hope I am able to portray it in a comprehensible way. I don't remember the very beginning, even though I know there was more that happened. The first thing I remember is being in a swamp with people I knew. Most of the people were old peers from marching band back in high school, but there were also some of my family members, and also people who weren't familiar in real life, but who I was familiar with in the dream. One woman was the same dark-blonde woman who was in my last dream, she was important to me in both dreams but I don't know who she is in real life. I was running around this swamp trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. There were zombies everywhere and everyone was just trying to escape them, but for some reason we couldn't leave the swamp. There was a wooden fence around the whole thing, but it it wasn't jumpable (videogame logic). The blonde woman was on the verge of freaking out entirely. As we were wading through the waters of the swamp trying to escape these zombies, my grandma suddenly appeared (she passed away about three years ago), and she went around slaughtering the zombies and being a badass. Everyone was shocked she was still alive, thinking she had been dead this whole time. It was like she hadn't really been dead at all, but had been out training for the oncoming zombie apocalypse. It was ridiculous. Grandpa was so shocked he couldn't even speak. Then something happened, something that caused a chaotic emergency and everyone was running in different directions and I had an overwhelming sense of urgency and danger. I don't know what happened, but I was suddenly running from zombies and the danger was way worse. It was like zombies had just exploded out of the sky or something. I ran after Grandma and Grandpa, and they went through a huge gate that led to a farm. They shut the gate behind them before I could go through it and they wouldn't let me in! I was forced to turn around and fight the zombies that were chasing me. I hit them with a metal pipe I suddenly had and blood sprayed everywhere, but one of the zombies bit me on the arm before I killed it. I wasn't worried about the bite. Instead of being infected, I just had a health bar like in a videogame and would die if I got hit more. There were still zombies around, so I hurried to another farm on the other side of the swamp, but before I could go through the gate, it also swung shut. The blonde-haired woman and her assistant were over the fence and they refused to let me in. I oddly didn't react much to being betrayed like that, I just simply continued trying to escape. During this swamp part, I kept getting flashes of a woman who was half-zombie, half-human, still able to be normal like a human, but who was severely mutated by the zombie virus. Her chin was really long like a stumpy elephants trunk, her hands and arms were skinny bony compared to the rest of her body, and her cheekbones were sharp and protruding. Also her eyes were black and really sunken in to her head. She wore a blue dress with white spots and had long black hair. She lived in the white apartment that I sometimes dream about. I wasn't with her, I was just suddenly seeing her living her life in the apartment, as if I was watching TV. She was in the white apartment taking medication for her condition, and being sad and wistful about her condition and also about the zombie apocalypse happening. She was also sometimes using this really crazy looking dildo when she was horny (embarrassed to write this, but its good to be truthful here, right?). The dildo was made of white glass, and had a cool tyedye pink pattern on it. It mostly looked normal, but there was something really bizarre about it, like it was really misshapen or something, I don't really remember. Back at what was happening with me, I found and gathered with the marching band, who found a different way out of the swamp. Everyone was in their marching band uniforms: white with blue trim, and golden buttons and danglies on the shoulders. Plus the feather plumes on our hats. We marched through what looked like Macy's perfume section at the mall. I was right behind the conductors with my saxophone. The conductors were the mutated woman, who was very exuberant in her leading us, and my old friend Betsy (who, in real life, wasn't in marching band when we were in high school, but was in the school orchestra). We marched through the mall looking place, but not in time. In fact we all seemed to be lurching and dragging while playing our instruments, but also kind of dancing at the same time. We eventually came to this crazy fancy cliff side building that was huge and made of glass. It was right next door to a water park. We had a marching performance to do later, so everyone was still in their uniforms, but didn't have their instruments. They were all milling around the big glass building. I went up to the window overlooking the cliff and stood next to Catherine from marching band. We made comments on the amazing view and how we escaped zombies before coming to this place. From on top of the cliff, I could see the river far below, and a thick forest across on the other cliff. The water park scaled the side of the cliff, some of it using the river as part of its rides. I could just make out the field where we would be performing, way far down on an island on the river. I wanted to get a better view of other schools performances, so I went off to the water park. I couldn't find a way down to the river that didn't involve riding the water parks slides. I found a really scary slipper walkway that led to a slide that shot down to a grassy cliff edge. I walked along it, trying to find a way down, when I came across two Asian men manning a ride for the park. One of the men was tall, and the other was shorter and wore one of those big beanies that isn't quite a rasta hat, but not quite a simple beanie, and it was a green. They smiled at me so nice, wanting me to try their attraction that I was guilted into doing it. All it was was a trampoline that was just above the river water. I was supposed to jump on it JUST right, but I didn't understand how and simply jumped onto it on my butt. I gave up pretty quickly, and found myself on the shores of the river, finally. Ahead of me, I could see the island with the marchers, and also a dirt ramp that led up the cliff to the top, but instead of being frustrated by this, I was happy I found a shortcut back up. I wanted to be able to see the marching from high up, so I could see the patterns they made, so I went up the dirt path to get a little higher. Higher up, I found Betsy sitting on a bench with another person who I don't remember. She was wearing a crazy outfit for her job as conductor. It looked like an ice skating leotard covered in glitter. It was blue and ice blue, and her hair was styled all huge and blown back. The colors were the same as Elsa's dress from Frozen, but in a more intense fashion. Her face was also made up in Geisha make up. I talked to her about being a conductor and the performance and stuff before looking back down at the marching band who was already performing. There were no boats or bridges that led to the island, so the marchers had to swim across. They swam holding their instruments above the water. I remember thinking how dumb this method was, like why couldn't they just get a boat or something? Then it was as if I was watching a tv program. I saw the director of the band talking as if he were doing an interview, and he was complaining about how the marchers uniforms were ruined from having to swim across the river. Their uniforms were red with white trim, and he complained how the water turned the uniforms all pink. Then I noticed that one of the marchers on this red/white school was wearing a green uniform with a white and gold trim that looked more like a Victorian age princes outfit. He even wore a powdered wig, but it was black, and it still had a crazy fancy plume emerging from the top. The director went on to complain how this boy went off to do perform with the Queens Marching band and he loved the uniforms so much that he refused to wear his normal school uniform. I thought it was noble of him. And that is all I remember of the dream, even though I am sure there was more to it.