Racist ghost

Date: 5/31/2017

By tiptipkitten

I don't remember much of the beginning except that I'm either super rich or the ruler of the land. I did something that accidental released a ghost into my land and somehow I knew that it would only kill and harass the people with dark skin and there was no way for me to stop it. So I had some of my people look into a way to kill it and I said to myself my purpose in life was to take care of the people that the ghost was attacking. So I went out into the street and walked around until I found a few people that the ghost would probably attack. And so it did. Nothing major happened. A girl was knock over and the baby she was carrying almost fell out. I rushed over and helped her up. She smiled at me and then I asked if I can see her baby's phone for a second (this bugs me know because it was a very mid-evil looking town and why would baby have a phone) she said yes so I looked on the screen and caught my first real look at the ghost. It was awful, it kinda reminds me of the litch from adventure time. It looks like it has a ragged blanket on top of a dead body except the blanket is the body. It has holy sockets for eyes and skeleton arms I can't really explain the rest. Anyway I gave them back the baby's phone and left. I did that for a while just randomly going around and helping until something happens with pennies that I don't remember and my little brother showed up and laughed at my predicament then offered his help. I accepted and showed him a picture of the ghost from a phone that I borrowed. He said something about how it looked then I woke up.