Zoo Closing Speech During the Depression

Date: 3/27/2019

By randybobandy

I had this dream asleep at my boyfriend's house while he was gone at school. I was in the bathroom and heard his brother leaving the other bathroom. I was nervous because my boyfriend had told me his brother would sleep all day and I wouldn't encounter him. When I left the bathroom I saw now that his brother was cooking something that was smoking everywhere. The whole kitchen was filled with smoke. He almost burned the house down. I went back into my boyfriend's room and browsed music on Youtube. I found a video that began with an old man discussing the Great Depression as he lived it. He said that the zoo in the city had decided to close down and that the decision was broadcast to the public by way of a spoken announcement. Everyone had gathered around while the owner stood there and told everyone that the zoo was closing and the animals would be sold (the man in the video added "even the penguins"). He said the speech affected him greatly and was a major moment of his life. He then said that the song about to play was a remix of that speech. It began playing and it was a like a typical electronic remix except it was very well done and catchy. The lyrics (the words of the speech) moved me, it was very sad. The whole video moved me.