Killed a homeless man over toilet paper.

Date: 1/17/2017

By mdizzzzzzy

Helped my dad carry groceries in and for some reason we let this homeless black dude help us. He decided to be a dick and steal this big ol' 24 pack of toilet paper. I chased him but he was too fast. Weird part was he was a total dick about it and kept on taunting me. So as I gave up, I turned around and he started to turn back because "he wanted me to chase him again so that he could taunt me." I surprised him, caught him by his legs, and continually swung his entire body around like a rag doll, smashing his face into a corner of a building repeatedly until he died. Went home and cried to my dad about it. "I killed a man over some toilet paper..." I sobbed to him. My dad wanted to get flowers for him so we decided to back to the body, but the dream transitioned into me being in some Mexican ladies house...