Lots of pets, new home, some kid. klk?

Date: 4/27/2017

By headFeed

We have a new house thats very old and very strangely layed out. im in the backyard hanging out. theres a bunch of spiders and at first im scared but i think what the hell and go up to one nicely and see if i can pet it. i can and its friendly and im told that we have a bunch of new exotic pets. i go into this garage kind of place and pick up a tan crabby looking spider. it nibbles on my fingernails and i call it crunchy. i go further into the house and theres a room with a fireplace and a long bookshelf thing that goes from a hallway to a dead end to the fireplace on both sides of the fireplace. the bottom half of the bookshelf is a custom aquarium tank and we talk about how the fireplace will effect the temperature of the tank when we use it and how well go for it. its very crowded in the house so i go outside and theres spiders all over one of the entrances to the house. i go to it and try to take it down with a stick but the spiders talk to me to say its their home with all their children. i ask them if they can move and they ask where can they move. i suggest some areas we dont walk through and they agree and ask for some time. i agree and walm around for a bit. its dark out and everything looks blueish purplish dark green. theres the ocean down the hill and were the last house on the road so nothing but trees in our yard block the nice view. i go back and the spiders arent done yet but i slowwwly open the door. the mom is panickly telling me to be careful. i go in and its still cramped. theres bugs in my head and i think "i need crunchy. he can eat all the bugs off my head." so i go looking for him. i go upstairs and theres pink toys blocking the way in making the hallway inaccessable. i move a bunch blocking my way oug and get to a room. some guy in a suit is crowched in there ontop of boxes on his laptop. i ask if hes seen crunchy and he says hes right there with him and looks to my left. hes not there and the guy is confused. i look for him around and think i mightve scared him moving the boxes so i go back and theres a little girl who i think is the old residences. i ask her if shes seen crunchy and she doesnt know what im talking about. im worried she mightve killed my pets so i ask her if she knows anything about us having these exotic pets. she says her family saw a snake yesterday. i tell her we own the house now and live here already and asked what that snake looked lke. she describes it and i know its our snake. i ask her what she did to it and she said her dad took it outside and thats all she knows. i imagine that he killed it by hitting its head and i yell at her that that was our pet. im about to strangle her but i wake up. i had another dream about kill la kill. i was ryuuko and me and mako are in some empty parking lot at night. theres this gang that were competing against. were doing a relay for punching these boards and doing these weird excersizes and we have a member from their own team who joined us cause we were short. hes really nice and stylish. close cut shaved head, tight pants colorful shoes, black tight shirt and a white loose clear crop top . i thought at the time hes super stylish and cool. he did punches well, and was really on our team. its my turn for the relay and i do everything up to a point where im exhausted and do some exersize that wasnt even planned. i jump and get my foot up to a line and drag it down as i go down. and keep doing it. i fall behind. i just remember seeing ryuuko doing this as if i was in line behind her though. i remember this gang guy on our team racing in real fast running on the wall to save mako from something too.