Dodgeball competition

Date: 4/10/2019

By anitablacktina

Was practicing for this dodgeball comp with people I worked with in the past. We got all the way through to the final round and the owner of the game cheated so badly by moving the opponents line close to our side with them only having the balls. So my team and I started a riot. There was small boutiques set up inside the arena and we rampaged through them and stole a bunch of things. My brother was with me and was making me follow him but I was too busy trying to grab things I wanted from the boutiques. We finally went through this one boutiques where the owner was there and I wasn’t able to steal anything. They were selling jewelry holders like the one I have in my room. I then noticed a few of my childhood photos on top of one of the jewelry box to come to realize that a family member owned that shop. Then I woke up.