Caleb and the Obstacle Course

Date: 6/12/2017

By kayeherl98

I was swimming in a meet at a very strange pool (there were sharks in the water and weird whirlpools to avoid and a lot of fish, and I definitely remember an eel because someone said, "isn't that just a snake that can breathe underwater?" and i thought it was really funny at the time) and for some reason there was a really dangerous obstacle course and Caleb from weights almost made it all the way up, but then he fell about 30 feet and broke his back, but for a second I was him and I fell but then I wasn't him and I was watching him fall. I was also training to do those obstacle courses because I was training to be an assassin or something but didn't do that one after he fell. I had finally learned how to do butterfly right and won the 100yd. fly race. (yay)