Pink goo, loving friend and failing at NY again lol

Date: 3/9/2017

By dixsilence

I dreamed with my house here, there was so e friends and we were at the kitchen. While I was opening the electric boiler I noticed a weird pink goo inside, I tried to clean it but it started hissing, it was some kind of ameba. I panicked because I thought it was a killer one so I boiled it, finally killed it. After this I went to some party to another city. The house was small and dark. Inside were my friends, and started to play some videogames. The one of the girls got next to me and acted really lovingly with me. It was really nice but I knew this couldn't really happen so I enjoyed it. After that there were rumors of floods and tsunamis kicking and they were huge. The waves were hundreds of meters tall and destroyed everything. After that I was in front of a pool which represents the world. On the surface was dirt and grass trying to form continents but someone was making swirls on the center. Finally I went to New York again on another study course. We went to a bus to take us to a class, this bus was huge, when I entered I had to climb like four floors flooded with people. When I got to the top I realized I didn't bring anything with me so I went out and asked if I had time to go back and grab my things. They didn't listen and went away. I fucked up again so I went wandering for the city. I went to a gallery and met some friends at a videogame store. Lastly I went to a bridge with a girl and we where attacked by some warrior with a melting sword. He was attacking her but we responded and tried to figure how to beat his melting g sword. It was a problem because he was melting everything.