Swimming with my dead friend

Date: 3/20/2019

By deadboidreamworld

I was back in my middle school and i was helping out my friend Michel (a handicap kid in my middle school class irl) except he wasn't as severely handicapped in my dream and we were high school aged. My school had a pool so we were all swimming and i was hanging out with michel and helping his T.A. she told me this was his last day that he was going to die peacefully in his sleep that night. So my entire dream was spent hanging out with him and making sure he had an amazing last day. At the end of the day i helped him onto his special bus that had a nurse on it. As i helped him on it she said (to him) they were gonna give him something to help him be comfortable. We hugged and cried and he thanked me sincerely. The strange thing is Michel passed away bacķ in 2015 irl and his handicap had gotten so severe by the time we were in grade 4 that he could no longer speak words or walk on his own. It was surprisingly soothing dreaming of him as if we were hanging out as adults. We used to play together when we were small and he still could. There was more to my dream but those details are hazy .. i had a bf ? Met his mom and little brother and was swimming with them too? She said it was nice to meet me and nice to know i was so strong ? Idk.