scrambled house

Date: 4/21/2017

By planetlainy

My house was being raided. My mom had signed up for this program that "cleanses your home". Basically, these people came into our house going through EVERYTHING. They would scan your computers, phones, go through everything. Before they came i was out driving and was rushing to get home because if you weren't there, something bad would happen. I was sad because all of my friends were going to an award ceremony without me. When i got there, i had to sit still and not move. They were scrummaging through it all, but i panicked when they went to scan my laptop. They found some things i didn't want them to find, and my mother was disappointed in me. I then hid in the kitchen and this guy came over to me. He whispered in my ear, "join us. you'll get all the benefits, you just have to do some things for us". Basically, sounded like some prostitution type deal. Weirdly enough, i agreed. Fast forward: i'm on a plane. The plane for some reason is HUGE. like a hotel, nothing like the inside of a plane at all. The rat is history.