Galaxy Bat Hugs

Date: 6/24/2019

By Fitful

I was pet sitting in this huge mansion for a privileged female. The mansion outside my room had this amazing carpet, it was so plush you could lay on it and feel like you were in heaven. It was all dark greens and purple with a thread of rich brown running through it. My room was very large. I brought my pets with me, my dog and my brown bat. I was happy to be pet sitting a bat, a black one. He didn't let me get close at first so I just stayed on the internet and let him be. Oftentimes I'd lay on that carpet, but made sure not to leave anything on it when I left that room in case she came home unexpectedly. Finally one day I noticed my bat and her bat getting to know each other. I went over to the wall and chandelier which tjhy hung off of to make sure the meeting went smoothly. The chandler was low, almost to the floor. The bat's sniffed noses gently. I took my bat up in my arms, he as heavy being large, and he licked me happily and then went to cling to the wall. I picked up the bat I was pet sitting, the black one, and hugged him the same way and the whole world changed. Abruptly I was thrust into a vision of the universe, of space and stars and galaxies. It felt good too, like being part of it all. I was confused, hugging my bat never did that to me. But I hugged tighter and found that it wasn't just a vison, I was actually there. The universe opened up space and time and filled the room the more and more I hugged the black bat. I found my dog wrestling with a baby rex dinosaur. I had to stop, or someone a man who worked in the mansion came and stopped the dog and baby Rex. I had to stop holding the bat bat, but I was addicted to that feeling of being connected to it all. Later, when the privileged female came back I got in trouble with the way I did some things. I was often online, chatting with other employees in the mansion, and we had a dance group. But I was often leaving necklaces and keys in the plush rug. I tried to keep them in my room but I wanted them there on the rug. I got caught and demoted from pet sitter to footman. Me and the other footmen, the wines part of a dance group, began to dance in public for money using a teleportarion portal we got from the mansion to make our act better. Most the public was baffled.