Erotic Mission and Shrooms

Date: 4/1/2017

By LionFoot65

I was on a mission, there was this little girl with me who I was supposed to help. I accidentally took her to a building she wasn't supposed to be at because the owner didn't want her to see it for some reason that had to do with protecting certain secrets. I also remember that I had my magic mushrooms with me. I could see the owner of the building and when he noticed me he told me to come in. When I came in he angrily asked me why I brought the girl with me. I told him it was an accident but he told me I deserved whippings on my back or she was gonna get some. I said "Sure but can I just use the restroom 🚽 first cause I really need to go." lol. He said yeah it's that way pointing right. It seemed like his house was a cool maze as I walked through the tall hallways of his house until I got there. I even remember taking a shit while was there and using the toilet paper lol. While I was sitting down though, I realized that more and more people started coming into the house because there was gonna be a party. I started hearing moaning and I realized that there was an orgy going on. I also realized that there were two people (a blonde guy and a red head girl) who were taking the girl I was taking care of somewhere and I had the feeling that they were going to corrupt her so I hurried to clean myself and get out. I also remember seeing my reflection there too. When I got out, I saw lots of beautiful naked women having the time of their lives, their faces showing the pleasure they were feeling as they rode their partners. Luckily for the girl I didn't get distracted enough so I was able to save her from the people there. Next Scene: I was at my house and I remember putting the shrooms and psilocybin croutons on the kitchen counter. For some reason I dropped some of the croutons that had the psilocybin in them but I ate those too anyway. After that I started tripping as I looked at myself in the mirror which also seemed really vivid. Then I saw my dog Luna getting wet in the rain in this garden that wasn't even part of our house as she was running to get back inside. Next Scene: I was with a couple people and some other people which I will call the villains started attacking us. Someone had the brilliant idea of shooting toothpicks at them to kill them so I started doing it and it did seem to be working except on the leader which laughed and told us we couldn't kill him even after we shot a thousand toothpicks at his eyes because he was a god. Instead of getting scared I consulted him by saying "I think you're right, you must be a god so I respect you." And he became harmless after that.