russia_past dream III

Date: 11/20/2016

By stefdrms

I had a dream that I was walking around in a cost in boots bundled up because I was in Russia. I lived there but was much younger. It was dark and cold but their where bright lights everywhere. You could say I was in maybe a camp like place. I remeber going to different places where there's people saying hello to everyone. Then I hear this warning alarm. I've never heard it before I knew skmethjng was wrong. Everyone was running indoors. I remeber seeing soldiers all over the streets yelling going into all the establishments. I hear gun shots. I freaked out and kept running. I went into this house with many glass windows. I remember seeing my ex exchanging numbers with another girl and me getting jealous. There was a lot of people partying now aware of what was going on and I felt safe for a moment. Until the soldiered came. We were in part of this room that I think was supposed to be a dining room. They made groups of us kneel down. In different places and they were executing us one at a time. I remeber kneeling waiting for my turn as I keep hearing people next to me getting shot and dropping to the floor. I was not screaming or crying just so scared. I finally knew it was my turn because it was silent I could feel the bullet bore into my forehead before he even shot. Then j heard the shot and as soon as it barely touched my forehead. I felt a lot of tickels and I woke up.