Elevator Monorail

Date: 1/23/2019

By Wickwoman

I was at possibly my old job downtown in the bank building waiting for the elevator. There was a little boy with his parents pushing the call button for the elevator but he was blocking the door so we missed it. I gave his dad an annoyed look or said something. The little boy got out of the way and we took the next one. First it was an elevator but you could see into the shaft and my hands were on the walls of the elevator because you had to hold on. It tossed us around and sideways. My finger hung on a piece of wood in the shaft but it didn’t hurt. Then the elevator became a monorail and we (now my sister and me, maybe Paul) became concerned because a big cement water tower was falling towards the track and our monorail car. It derailed our car so we had to climb out of the car. The climbing was challenging but we made it to the ground safely. We were in a forest environment and there was some concern about coming inclement weather. There was a woman in charge finding out when the next car was coming. She told a young lady “we still have a meeting at 6.” We thought another car was coming but I wasn’t sure the track was functional. It was just a small vehicle maybe like the old fashioned train repair vehicles where the two guys pump a seesaw like thing to make it go. Then someone said something about the car’s capacity that was sarcasm directed at someone about them being so happy a car arrived that everyone couldn’t ride in.