Classrooms and outfits.

Date: 4/28/2019

By Moonstar

The classroom is a very large loft in Manhattan. I can see through the glass windows that the day is grey and it is raining outside. Paula is the professor. Time is confusing in this dream because I am in the classroom and simultaneously can “see” before getting there. I am with a friend, a woman I don’t know in waking life, young with short black hair. She is helping me dress to go to class. I have a big issue with what to wear. My friend gives me a blue sweater and I put it on but I don’t like it because my bra straps show. Finally I put on a green sweater (it is a Christmas sweater and a flower skirt- the outfit is awful but I am happy with it in the dream. We go into the classroom. Paula accepts my work even though I am unable to complete it, not because I don’t know but because I don’t have the materials. All through my friend has been with me. We are crossing a wide, busy street in Manhattan, it is still gray and raining, I see a black cat with kittens by the curb and become very upset. I want to pick them up and take them with me but I do not have a place where to keep them.