Digital art, A person finds themselves in a Walmart bathroom, confused about which one to use, only to encounter unexpected people, including a youth pastor, and eventually ends up on a dirt road with two individuals in search of their friend's house.

I think I'm trespassing

Date: 8/21/2017

By Hikertrash48

The first thing I remember is being in Walmart and I was looking for the bathroom. When I walked into the bathroom there was a bunch of guys in there so I stepped out to make sure I'd went into the right bathroom. See as it was the women's bathroom I went back in, did what I needed to do, and started washing my hands. As I was washing my hands our youth pastor came up and asked me something. When I asked why he was in the girls bathroom he just laughed and said "good question." I walked out and there was a little girl standing there. I some how knew that I was supposed to watch her. She ended up running off and found her sister. I was then walking along a dirt road. Then two chicks stop me and say there trying to get to a mutual friend's house. So I say that I could get her there and we somehow end up walking around their yard.

AI generated interpretation In your dream, you feel a sense of trespassing, which could symbolize a feeling of intruding or going beyond appropriate boundaries in your waking life. This could suggest that you may be engaging in certain activities or situations where you feel like an outsider or that you don't quite belong. The dream begins in a Walmart, a place associated with consumerism and the idea of fulfilling basic needs. You are specifically looking for the bathroom, symbolizing a personal need or desire for privacy and personal care. However, upon entering the bathroom, you encounter a group of guys, indicating a potential intrusion of masculinity or male energy in what is traditionally considered a female space. Stepping out to ensure you are in the right bathroom suggests hesitation or a need for clarity before fully embracing a particular situation. It may reflect your need for reassurance or validation in your choices or actions. When your youth pastor appears in the dream, it could represent a figure of authority or influence in your life. His presence in the girls' bathroom might symbolize a disruption of expected norms, social conventions, or moral boundaries. His lighthearted response to your question may indicate that he is not concerned about societal restrictions and encourages you to question and challenge the rules. The little girl you encounter represents innocence and vulnerability. Being assigned to watch her signifies a responsibility or obligation to protect or guide someone who is more vulnerable than you. However, she runs off and finds her sister, which suggests that she is capable of taking care of herself and finding support elsewhere. This could reflect your own inner desire to let go of worrying about others and trust them to handle their own situations. Walking along a dirt road is often associated with a journey or the pursuit of goals. Meeting the two chicks who need help finding a mutual friend's house may represent a desire to connect with others or find common ground. Walking around their yard might symbolize exploring their personal or private spaces, suggesting a willingness to go out of your way to assist and connect with others. Overall, your dream suggests a complex mix of navigating boundaries, questioning societal norms, and seeking connections with others. It reflects a desire for clarity, validation, and responsibility, as well as an exploration of personal and interpersonal spaces.