Hunger games?

Date: 7/1/2017

By MarlenePsychom

So it was lunch at school and we all gathered in the gym and then the coach said "Grab your weapons" and I didn't have a weapon so I just grabbed the nearest thing to me, which was a bat. When the coach blew the whistle, everyone started fighting. Well not everyone. It was like some people didn't want to participate so they literally just sat in the middle of the gym and talked to their friends. When it started, a girl was trying to throw knifes at me but I dodged them all then a guy went up to her and snapped her neck. I got up and started hitting a guy with my bat, and he said "How does it feel trying to kill a guy when your a girl" I gave him one last hit, and he went unconscious. Then another guy came running at me, right after the other guy and he was trying to snap my neck and I kept hitting him on the head but he just wouldn't do. But I have him one hard hit and he fell unconscious. After that, I couldn't find other people who were like willing to fight. There were people who were still fighting though. Then I turned to my friend, who was sitting down talking to our other friends and said "Woah you need to sit down" and I said "No I want to keep fighting" then she said "Fine but you'll need another bat" and I looked at my bat and it was broken in half. I couldn't find another bat but I found three sticks and started sharpening them so they are sharp enough to stab somebody. After that, I stood up and saw that everyone who was participating was on the ground either dead or unconscious.