Brides, Euthanasia & a Voice

Date: 7/14/2017

By Indigo77

I was super busy hanging out with tons of friends. I think at one point we were all hanging out at church.......?? Funny if you know me. I had two different friends that were getting married. They both ended up not getting married. The men who were supposed to marry them both left to be with a different woman. Both women that had replaced my friends ironically had the same name which I cannot remember. At one point one of my friends who was supposed to get married was sitting at a black grand piano in her wedding dress sobbing. It was not her wedding day so she had just put it on to process things. I remember watching her as if through a glass window. It was night time & I was thinking if only she knew she was supposed to experience this for her soul's growth. Then I remember telling myself to get down on her level, the present perspective & have compassion. *****new scene I am in a kitchen where one of my guy friends' parents who looked way to young to be his parents decide they want to go to the realm for good. The mom was my sister's friend (in real life), Melissa. So his parents had needles and they were all standing in the kitchen. They inserted the needles and said goodbye. It was a very fuzzy scene, not as much detail. I could see the mom but not the dad. So I am in the same house where my friends parents died. There were never any bodies after they passed . It was like they vaporized. It's been a,couple days since they left and it's the wee hours of the morning. I am playing the piano. practicing my basic sheet music. I ask my friend, Solday how long she thinks it Will take me to get good at playing & reading music. She wasn't even there. Regardless she answered me back. Just her voice. She has wise & encouraging things to say although I can't remember what she said. Her voice sounded all echo and etheric like. Soon after my friend whose parents died walked into the living room. I had woken him up with my playing. He looked like he had been crying and had a bottle of red wine in his hand. I felt like a jerk. I was like "ohhhhh that's right.......your parents just died." My friend in the dream was 'played' by the jerk son from the show Rectify on Netflix. The one you hate the most. That was it. I woke up. Found this journal app and this is my first dream to log. Excited to start this:)