Day 2

Date: 2/3/2017

By Mauricio

I just write this dream because of the curiosity. It was in a classic dark tone background, i lived in a house that had a door to the backyard that really was a door with a stairs into a river, the thames river. I saw my 2 sisters swimming happily watching how a bridge in the remoteness always open itself to let boats pass. They join the house and laid down on a bed with me, in the door i saw my mom, then we start to talk about mysticism, and i said something about the tarot, my mom starts to feel worried and told me to be quiet, i keep talking until she said, he is here, when i walk to the door, there was a man that i dont know why but i give the name (in my mind in the middle of the dream) Tarot man, he had an invisible body, like sort of transparent jelly, his hands and face were covered by a dark grey cloth, i can assure that the figure was not creepy or anything, it didn't even had face, but the feeling of panic and terror that i felt was in a scale from 1 to 10: 11. I always had sleep paralysis and before it happen i see monsters, but i just close my eyes and don't feel any fear, but this was different, i start screaming and my mom wake me up. I wonder who or where this tarot man came from. I never see that or think about it before.