Enlightenment of my early incarnation

Date: 9/17/2019

By Vyshnavilr

I took an acid pill and was concentrating on some things that I really wanted to know especially to find out who am I and what am I in my previous life. Closed my eyes and after an hour it felt like i was on another dimension. The place looked nothing similar to me almost like some monastery, with no one else almost with utter silence. Inside I saw someone who was exactly looking like me but the difference was that it was a male version of myself, sat there with utmost concentration and I looked very ugly but I can see the aura behind his back which was totally making me insane. I cried like hell that this is what I am what I was and what I wanted to become. Then suddenly everything went blank and covered in white colour and started to see kaleidoscopic visuals. I dont know how else to describe it. It was such a happiness....