Date: 7/11/2017

By This1LuckyGuy

He was a bear demon, and his name was Boros. He was relentless and cruel and impossible to kill. He absorbed anyone that attacked him, melding into them like a disease. I was mostly running because he wad impossible to stop. I had powers of speed, and could run across the water and my companions had friends that wanted to help us, but no matter what they did, he just absorbed them and kept coming. I don't think he even tried hard to kill us, just absorbed everything. I ran across water and swam and ran across power lines to prevent him from tracking us, but he was relentless and unstoppable. I dreamed about games. that a large group of us, in a classroom were playing some type of video game. After this I recall being in a bakery. I was not baking, but cleaning up, making sure that everything was in plastic containers. there were a few cookies that were old and halls eaten that were just making a mess on the table. for some reason a container with peanuts and chunks of chocolate sticks out to me. When I stepped out of there, the landscape was changed. when I was running from Boros, the land was more natural and green, but as I left the baker, it was a city scape. it looked like the Edgewood exit off of I 45 in Houston. I remember seeing the freeway and wanting to fly like I had been earlier in the dream, but I could not. I dreamed that I was in Houston and was going somewhere for something, I can't really remember even what it was. But I was flying through the air and once I realized what I was doing, I could no longer do it even when I tried. Kurt was there, that son of a bitch, and I had to hide my face from him so that he would not see me. I had some sort of papers in my hands that I was trying to prevent him from seeing.