Mother had a baby

Date: 4/27/2019

By Moonstar

My mother was giving birth. My aunts were there and kept on telling her to close her legs, to which I screamed that she needed to let the baby come and she did. The baby was a gorgeous girl. My aunt delivered the placenta, which was in the shape of a cross. Heidi was giving a lecture. The room was full of people and she was sitting on a table up front. She wanted some tea. I was taking care of a patient whose head had been separated from his body. His mother was standing next to him crying. He was kept together used metal rods. I left somebody else watching the patient while I went to get Heidi her tea to the pharmacy. The pharmacist was a tall, blonde man. The cabinet where the tea bags were displayed was in disarray. Heidi had wanted chocolate in her tea but there was none. I got her Andrea Bocelli tea and also lemon with chocolate and a pack of Virginia Slim cigarettes. Margaret was there, she had pains in her abdomen because she had her period. Heidi did not like the teas although she was very thankful. She went to the pharmacy herself and came back with blackberry tea.